Trip Report I: Paris

Paris Fall 2014 Snapshots by Natalie Parker

Photos are off the DSLR and on the hard drive, so let’s get going with the sharing!

Our journey began in Paris.

Actually, our journey began at SFO’s international terminal, then an 11-hour Air France flight, but those are details for another post.  However, do see Saving Mr. Banks, that was an awesome movie and I got teary at the end.  Hope the Frenchman next to me didn’t think I was odd.  Oh wait, I was taking pictures of my food on the plane, too.  Carry on.

Our journey began in Paris.  Every time we go to Paris (see here and here), the idea that we’ve gone multiple times and we get to go again isn’t lost on me and I feel like we’ve won the lottery when I board the plane (intense fear of flying doesn’t set in until we take off).

My work brought us to Europe for this trip.  In fact, we spent most of the days working but managed to turn what was a simple trip into a 5-city affair.  Mr. P also works for a multinational company, brought his laptop, and tagged along.

Back to Paris.  Our first stop is always lunch before we grab a nap to ward off the jet lag.  This is from one of my favorite cafes:

Paris Fall 2014 Snapshots by Natalie Parker

I love getting pictures of buildings.  The architecture of the city is what evokes that romantic and wistful feeling (at least in me).  We arrived a couple of days before my work started (because, duh, Paris) and took a walking tour of Le Maris one afternoon:

Paris Fall 2014 Snapshots by Natalie Parker

We finally visited the Pompidou Centre.  I’m learning more about what I like art-wise.  I found I loved the contemporary pieces like these lights much more than the Picassos and Pollocks.

Paris Fall 2014 Snapshots by Natalie Parker

I loved this street art next to the church outside the Pompidou.  Paris means many things to many people and it is always changing.  The burger trend has hit Paris hard since we were there this spring.  We saw lots of young Parisians queuing up outside trendy burger joints.  Anyway, street art!

Paris Fall 2014 Snapshots by Natalie Parker

Always using Le Metro to get around.  I love love love public transportation and using it in a city is as fun as trying the food.

Paris Fall 2014 Snapshots by Natalie Parker

I worked on my cafe photography this time.  I love effortless pictures of Parisan cafes but haven’t been able to get it quite right myself.  Practice, practice, practice.  Practicing on a Monday when there are fewer people in touristy areas helps.

Paris Fall 2014 Snapshots by Natalie Parker

On Instagram, I celebrated making a restaurant reservation by phone in French for the first time.  This was the place — for our favorite steak frites.  I’m planning on writing a post about it so Mr. P was kind enough to wait while I got a picture.

Paris Fall 2014 Snapshots by Natalie Parker

After our weekend, Mr. P jetted (trained? as in choo-choo.) off to Brussels to work and I met up with my team for some marathon workdays.  Luckily it wasn’t all work (I learned to Segway, jury is still out if you get to see those pictures).  I took this picture from the top of the Galleries Lafayette, wherein my manager trespassed into a closed area of the roofdeck so we could get this view and I could get this shot.  Then we scurried out when someone came to shoo us.

Paris Fall 2014 Snapshots by Natalie Parker

Late after dinner on my last night in Paris, I walked with some of my coworkers to Notre Dame.  The weather was beautiful and I didn’t need a jacket even though it was pushing midnight.  Notre Dame is my absolute favorite building in the city and I loved being able to show it to someone for their first time.

At the end of the week, I packed off to meet Mr. P in Brussels.  I love that Gare du Nord uses this old flip-style departure board.  I’m saying “love” a lot.  It’s Paris.

There are some digital placards elsewhere, but I sat for a while watching and listening to the letters flipping.

Paris Fall 2014 Snapshots by Natalie Parker

I always get a achy sad feeling when I leave Paris.  Not this time though, I had four more cities left to go and I knew I’d be back.  A couple weeks later in fact.  Our transatlantic flights were in and out of CDG, so we came back to Paris for one last afternoon before heading home.

By that point, we were exhausted.  We took it easy and did one of our favorite things: read our books in the loungey chairs (technical term) in the Jardin des Tuleries outside the Louvre.  So much time passed by the time we left, it was definitely fall.

Paris Fall 2014 Snapshots by Natalie Parker

Mr. P and I just returned from a 25-day trip to Europe (work + fun).  It’s the longest we’ve ever been away from home and I’m sharing each stop in a blog post with some of the hundreds of pictures we took.  Doing my best not to include photos already Instagrammed.  Stay tuned for Brussels next.

Paris Fall 2014 Snapshots by Natalie Parker

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  1. I love reading your travel posts (I live vicariously through them ;-)).
    Please, oh please, will you show the photos of you learning to ride a Segway?!?!

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