Introducing Our New Camera

Almost Never Clever New CameraThere are a few watershed moments in my life of picture-taking.  The first time I got my very own camera.  The time I switched from 35mm to Advantix.  When I first switched to digital.  When I first started printing pictures at home.  Each one of those times significantly changed how I take pictures.

Mark this down as the time when I took the flying leap from point-and-shoot to DSLR.  Scary.  And it wasn’t my idea.

Mr. P and I were in Hong Kong earlier this year and I was taking pictures of signs in the subway station.  He told me if I was going to keep taking “artsy” photos, we needed to get a better camera.

Meet our Nikon D5100 Mr. P did all the research and picked it out.  He concluded that this model was a good place for us to start out with a DSLR, but not too starter that we’d want to upgrade really soon.  It also has a good battery, which matters to me when we are traveling.

I have no idea how to use this thing.  It’s also going to be hard to adjust to carrying a much larger camera when I want to take pictures.

How’s it going so far?  I really like the photo quality despite some growing pains.  My biggest issue is that sometimes the photos aren’t focused properly and I might not catch that until after the event is over.

More is surely to come on this.  For now, here are some pictures!

Almost Never Clever New CameraAlmost Never Clever New CameraAlmost Never Clever New CameraAlmost Never Clever New CameraAlmost Never Clever New CameraAlmost Never Clever New CameraAlmost Never Clever New CameraAlmost Never Clever New CameraAlmost Never Clever New CameraAnd yes, I was that girl at Buffalo Wild Wings with the DSLR taking pictures of her food.  We’d just gotten the camera and I wanted to try it on something.


10 thoughts on “Introducing Our New Camera

  1. Ahhh yes. I have waffled back and forth about doing this, but have NOT done it yet. I will definitely be interested to ssee what you think of the change. But congratulations on your big leap!!

    As for the food pictures, I do that all the time. Especially things I make at home, because I eventually want to have my own recipe book. Out, it makes for soome fun items on a “Date Night” page or a party, etc. And the fresh market stuff is just GORGEOUS!! You could probably sell some prints!!! IF these samples are just the beginning, I think you’ll do great 🙂

    • Handling the change has been interesting, especially with regard to when I carry the DSLR with me as opposed to just taking my phone or point and shoot. I hope I can get into a better rhythm.

  2. Congrats on the camera I have the Nikon DSLR 3000 I have had it for years now and I love it. I got it because of the kids and I wanted to be able to take better action shots of what they do. I find that I use it way more then my point and shoot camera. I just love my DSLR. Enjoy yours and there is never anything wrong with taking pictures of chicken wings!!!

  3. Oh, congratulations! What a lovely new toy 😉 I have to say, I’m a bit jealous! I hope that you enjoy it tremendously….but then again, I’m sure you will!

  4. What a fun new gadget! 🙂 I was super excited when I finally got a higher end, 18 MP camera. It really does make a difference in the quality of your images. Not that you can’t capture great photos with a point and shoot or lower end DSLR, but a better camera gives you advantages in situations where the other cameras cannot capture good images. Have fun playing!

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