Wedding Scrapbook: Invitation Layouts

Wedding Invitation Scrapbook Page3, count ’em, three pages for my wedding invitations.

Seem like overkill?  I don’t think so.  I was determined to find a place for each piece of our invitation.  That’s the entire point of having a wedding scrapbook as opposed to an album.

Yes, I could have tucked all the inserts inside the envelope on the first page.  But I worked hard on them and want people to look at them.  Plus, I don’t want them falling out years down the road and getting lost.

Wedding Invitation Scrapbook PageOn the first page, I have the invitation itself with the inner envelope.  This is where I ran into the issue of needing pink shimmer stock: the title simply didn’t look right without it.

Wedding Invitation Scrapbook PageOn the second page, I included the outer envelope showing the return address along with maps I made.  I used two copies of the map so I could show both sides.  I wrote up a little blurb about making our invitations and the fun we had getting response cards in the mail.

Wedding Invitation Scrapbook PageThe third page takes a bit of explaining.  I kept all the response cards we received (I’m nerdy like that).  I wanted to include some of them, but who to choose?  I decided it would be nice to honor our grandparents.

Wedding Invitation Scrapbook PageI included their three response cards and backed them on patterned paper.  I took pictures of each of them walking down the aisle at our wedding and put them opposite their cards.

Wedding Invitation Scrapbook Page

And just like that, I’m three layouts into the new section!

Wedding Invitation Scrapbook PageWedding Invitation Scrapbook LayoutTo find out about the papers I’m using for my wedding scrapbook, visit my post on the Wedding Scrapbook Paper Scheme.

To view all of my wedding scrapbook layouts, visit my wedding scrapbook page.


6 thoughts on “Wedding Scrapbook: Invitation Layouts

  1. Your blog has *totally* inspired me to tackle my wedding album. We got married in 2005 and I’m setting a goal to have it done by our 10th anniversary. Love what you did with the response cards!

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