The Pink Shimmer Stock Debacle

Pink Shimmer Cardstock Wedding ScrapbookI wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t dramatic.

I’m using 3 different cardstocks for my wedding scrapbook in addition to patterned paper.  I have grey and pearl shimmer cardstock from Die Cuts with a View.  I also ordered some plain pink cardstock.  I thought it was okay to have the pink be non-shimmer because I planned on using it sparingly.

Pink Shimmer Cardstock Wedding ScrapbookI was designing the layouts for my wedding invitations and something just. wasn’t. right.  The page really needed a flourish of some sort and it needed to be pink (just trust me for the sake of argument here).   And you know what?  Using flat pink cardstock when everything else is shiny wasn’t going to work.

I may have panicked.  After searching, I found out that Die Cuts with a View did make pink shimmer stock but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I couldn’t find anything similar either!  They do sell pink shimmer stock in a pad that includes other colors, but I would have to pay ~$20 for what would get me 4 sheets of pink.

I was left with 2 options: spend a ton of money for 4 sheets or come up with a different solution.  Here’s the different solution:

Pink Shimmer Cardstock Wedding sells pink shimmer envelopes* by Die Cuts with a View.  Since I was only going to be using this pink for small accents, I probably could cut up the envelopes and make them work.

I ordered a bunch and am generally pleased with this fix.  I am easily able to take apart the envelopes and use them for accents.

Pink Shimmer Cardstock Wedding ScrapbookPhew, glad that problem is solved!

*the product is actually called Pink Shimmer Cardstock Envelopes, which miffs me a bit.  The envelopes are not cardstock and have the thickness of regular paper.


5 thoughts on “The Pink Shimmer Stock Debacle

  1. I like your solution!!
    If you still need cardstock-weight pink shimmer paper, you might also consider using a sheer shimmer mist on your plain sheets. I have one by Smooch (Smooch Spritz) that I think is called vanilla– so it just barely lightens the color sometimes, but mostly adds a pearly glimmer to the paper. {a warning, though: One thing about using mists is that they can make the paper curl a bit…}

      • I would mist it afterward, just in case. I’ve done it before (it’s pretty much the only way I am competent in using mists ;-))

  2. ugh, I mean, I’ve misted already-cut shapes before. sorry… my brain is a bit foggy today. allergies, I think 🙂

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