Making a Custom House Letter

Make a custom door letterDo you live in a multi-unit residence?  I do and the units aren’t labeled.  The mailman and UPS guy have to guess.

I checked my home improvement store and all the letters they had were ugly.  Ug-ly.

I guess I just gave myself a new project.  Hmmph.

Create a Custom Inexpensive Door Letter

Supplies I used:

  • Leftover photo mat from framing a piece of art.  You can get remnants cheap from your local framing place.  You can also use a heavy duty chipboard.
  • X-acto knife
  • Computer/printer
  • Tape
  • Spray paint – whichever color you prefer
  • Clear spray paint/sealer – same stuff I used to make the coasters
  • Rubber cement – see the Book Project post for a picture

It sounds complicated but it really wasn’t!  I had everything except the gold spray paint already on hand.

I printed out a big letter “A.”  The font is Andalus (pretty sure it came with Microsoft Word), size 385, making it about 3.5 inches tall.

Make a custom door letterI cut a square around the letter and taped it to a small leftover piece of photo mat. I used a mat instead of cardstock or chipboard because it’s very heavy and I thought it would be the most durable.

Make a custom door letterIf you are cutting photo mat, use a very sharp x-acto knife.  The thickness is difficult to cut through and using a dull knife actually makes you more likely to cut yourself.

Make a custom door letterI cut through the paper and the mat, then spray painted it gold.  I saved by buying this itty bitty can of spray paint.

Make a custom door letterThen I used my can of Rust-oleum Satin Clear to seal it (same stuff I use for making coasters).

Make a custom door letterI used rubber cement to stick it to our door.

Make a custom door letterI actually completed this project close to a year ago and was too lazy to take pictures wanted to see how durable it was.  It still looks good as new!

Make a custom door letterYes, I know – looks very Nathaniel Hawthorne, doesn’t it?  Just kidding.


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