Scrapbook Layout: the Hands of Time

As we’ve covered already, I collect newspapers showing important events. I also take a lot of pictures (even back in the day of 35mm film that I had to pay to get developed). Right before my senior year in college, the Campanile, which is the bell tower on the Berkeley campus, underwent renovation. I couldn’t resist taking a couple shots of the steeplejack unhooking the giant hands from the tower. I’m really glad I saved these pictures because I ended up getting married there a few years later. But that’s another story.

I wanted to keep this page really simple and let the pictures and newspaper clippings speak for themselves. It would have been difficult to embellish and keep the articles readable. I threw everything on the page and moved things around like a puzzle.

I added very simple backings to the news clippings to give them some definition. I also picked up a couple of campus scenery pictures showing the Campanile that I had lying around. I was glad to finally have a page to use them on. I chose a close-up picture of the Campanile with no hands and added it to the top of the page.

Finally, I measured the leftover space on the page and printed a headline to snugly fit.

This was coincidentally the same summer I took a bunch of pictures of the turf installation at Memorial Stadium. I suppose I had quite a bit of extra time on my hands back then. This page has quite a few items on it, but still manages to be understated.

Tips & Ideas

  • Sometimes it’s better to let your photos and other items speak for themselves.
  • Do little things to enhance news articles, but don’t over-embellish them so they can still be read.

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