A Wedding Card for My Friends

You must be asking yourself, is there anything else I can do with my wedding pictures? People like looking at my wedding pictures, right? We’re on the same page then.

I came up with this idea when a dear friend of mine got married last year. I wanted something more special than a store-bought card. I’m a sap. The card turned out great but I didn’t take any pictures of it. I recently attended another wedding and decided to make it a thing every time a friend got married because I like to make more work for myself.

First, select the picture. I love this part because I get to scroll through my pictures. I prefer a picture without our faces so it feels more artsy and doesn’t scream “would you like to see one of my wedding pictures?!

I cropped it a bit, made it black and white, then printed it. You can use whatever size photo you wish as long as it fits into the envelope you plan on using. Next, select your cardstock. I used a main color and an accent. I chose grey as my main color because I love the way it looks and I have a bunch of grey cardstock samples left over from my wedding. Remember what I said about not buying new things?

Stumped as to what the accent color should be, I decided to look at the wedding invitation. The bride used a nice blue color so I decided to pull from that.

I cut out the picture and carefully positioned it on the blue stock, leaving a one-eighth-inch border. In the picture below, I’m using rulers to mark the border.

I cut around the remaining two sides also at one-eighth-inch. Then I repeated the process by attaching it to the grey paper.

I trimmed the other side of the grey paper and then carefully measured where I wanted to fold it.

Time to score and give it a fold. You can use a lot of different objects to score, like the side of a wooden ruler. If the cardstock is thick, scoring it will give it a finished looking fold. Then trim off the excess.

I Googled around a bit looking for a nice message for the inside and settled on a quote, which I printed on white stock and pasted in. Under the category of do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do: if you want to write a personal note inside the card, write it before you paste the white stock inside.

I flipped the card over and wrote a caption in small letters. It was our names “on their wedding day” and the year.

The finished product!

It was a lovely wedding and I couldn’t be happier for them.

Tips & Ideas

  • A 4×6-inch print you already have works just as well.
  • Size the card around the picture, trimming as needed if you are using a pre-made envelope.
  • Write message before attaching the inside to the card.
  • This idea works for more than just weddings.  I’m picturing a Halloween card with a cute kid in a costume.

My amazing wedding pictures were taken by the very talented Katherine Bettis Photography.


8 thoughts on “A Wedding Card for My Friends

  1. We saved all of our cards and put them in a little book, and yours is in the very front because it was so very special! This is seriously one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen, and it was so much fun to open that card!

    • That would be fantastic! You take great pictures and I’m sure it would turn out very nicely. Let me know if you end up making them, I want to see!

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