Saving Newspapers for Posterity, or, the Giants Win the Pennant

Today’s post was supposed to be the companion piece to last week’s post about Memorial Stadium. It will have to wait until later in the week because every time I tried to work on it, I got sucked into the games of the NLCS and my San Francisco Giants. It is excruciating yet rewarding to be a fan, which paid off on Saturday night when the Giants clinched their first National League Pennant since 2002 and are going to the World Series.

I did what I always do in these situations (well, after celebrating): I get a newspaper. I pick up newspapers when something big or something historic happens. Trust me, in my house, a trip to the World Series is a big deal. I figured it would be appropriate to discuss what I do with all of these newspapers. I’m sure you are picturing me drowning in piles like an episode of Hoarders.

On Saving Newspapers

I used to keep entire newspapers. I didn’t really need the entire thing, I would just pick up a paper and put it in a box or on the shelf in my closet. It is really important to keep your mementos or scraps maintained and not let them take over your storage space. I like to “thin” the newspapers and only keep the important parts.

The Giants happened to win the pennant on a Saturday, so the ensuing newspaper was a hefty Sunday edition with lots of sections. I removed the extra sections and will keep them as drop cloths for upcoming craft projects. This left me with the first section and the sports section. While this is a vast improvement, saving entire sections can really build up over time.

I carefully go through each page of the section. If the front and back of a page doesn’t contain anything about the story I’m interested in, I cut it out. This way all I am left with are the pages I actually want.

I know what you are thinking: why aren’t you just clipping out the articles you want and leaving the rest? Because I very likely won’t get  this into my scrapbok until a few years from now. If I neatly cut out the article and pictures, it limits my design options. Sometimes, as in the picture below, I like to use the entire newspaper page in a scrapbook.

Remember my box of scraps from my senior year of college? To tell the truth, it was originally two boxes because I had saved so many newspapers that year. I went through each newspaper, saved the pages I wanted, and was able to finally fit everything into one box.

On to the World Series

I don’t know how this particular newspaper will fit into my scrapbook later on, I don’t have my own pictures from the games to pair with it (tickets are a tad pricey). We don’t know how the Giants will do in the World Series, but we will be watching, biting our nails and pacing the floor like any good fan ought to. Regardless of the outcome, they won the pennant and I will remember this forever.

2 thoughts on “Saving Newspapers for Posterity, or, the Giants Win the Pennant

  1. Natalie,
    I totally laughed out loud when you mentioned drowning in piles of newspaper like an episode of Hoarders! 😀 I used to have so many old Daily Cals that I thought I would someday use for scrapbooking. Inevitably I threw them all out because I just wondered how I was ever going to get to it. I like the idea of taking the time NOW to pull out only the pieces you want as opposed to having to sort through it all later.

    Good stuff! I wish I would’ve grabbed a newspaper on Sunday…:-/


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