Scrapbook Layout: Scrapbooking About Grass

Yes, grass. More specifically, I mean the installation of fake grass. The summer leading up to my senior year in college, the natural grass at California Memorial Stadium was replaced with Momentum Turf. Momentum Turf is more durable than grass but safer than other fake turfs of yore.

I visited the stadium several times during the installation and took pictures of the process. Until now, I kept the pictures in a mini photo album (inside a box in the depths of the closet).

I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit all of those pictures in the scrapbook. I picked out the pictures that showed key points in the process and played around with everything until I had a rough idea of where to fit things.

I saved a chunk of Momentum Turf, hoping to incorporate it into the scrapbook somehow. During the installation, all the turf scraps were tossed.   Yes, I went dumpster diving.  The little piece below pales in comparison to a neighbor of mine who collected enough scraps to cover his entire front lawn!

I snipped off “blades” of the turf and attached them to the bottom of the second place using Zips (kind of like a glue dot tape).

After trimming the turf, I added a little box chronicling the different times playing surfaces have been installed in the stadium’s history. In its 87-year history to date, Momentum Turf is only the fourth unique surface to be installed.

Along with my chunk of turf, I saved a couple of clippings about the installation.

A lot little bit of tape later and finicking over getting everything perfectly placed and my mini time capsule was finally complete.

Being able to watch the installation process and document it meant a lot to me.  If you’re a football fan or just care about grass, stay tuned next week.  I will be posting more details about my trips to the stadium along with all the pictures.


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