Scrapbook Layout: Sudoku Books

Sudoku Scrapbook Layout by Natalie ParkerSudoku Scrapbook Layout by Natalie Parker

The Story:  When Mr. P gave me a set of sudoku books for our first anniversary.  Read the full story about it here.

More to the Story:  The text on the page is taken from this post about how I developed a fear of flying, how working on sudoku puzzles helps, and why I take these books with me when I travel.

Pic from Last Year:  Mr. P bought these for me in 2007, but I never took a picture of them until last year.  When we were on our flight out for our Big European Adventure last year, I took out the camera to get a few shots.  Why yes, stranger sitting next to me, I am the weird person taking pictures on the plane.

Simple Layout: The story is the highlight here and I’m a big fan of white space.  I’m still a big fan of 11×14 scrapbooking even though I may not need all the space on each page.

Sudoku Scrapbook Layout by Natalie Parker

Fonts: Nevis, Clear Line, Calibri | Tools: Silhouette SD (headline), Epson Stylus R2000 (photos) | Supplies: Pioneer SJ-100 Jumbo Scrapbook (scrapbook & pages), Epson Semigloss Photo Paper (photos) | Ephemera Included: Season tickets, fridge magnet.

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