On Being Afraid of Flying: the Sudoku Books

Sudoku Book by Natalie Parker

I remember when I wasn’t afraid to fly.

I remember my first big episode on a plane.  I was really having a hard time.  I remember when the panic started to set in.

We had been married less than a year.  I still don’t know exactly why things changed for me.  I used to be able to fly through a thunderstorm on a plane with 30 seats.  I wonder if I subconsciously felt I had more to lose.

That first time, that first really bad plane ride, Mr. P knew something was wrong but wasn’t quite sure how to fix it.  He decided to talk with me and keep me busy.  He took the airline magazine out and showed me how to play sudoku.

We did the puzzle together.  He kept asking me what the next move was and I tried to keep my mind off the shaking plane and think about strategy.

A few months went by.  It was our first anniversary.  One year married.  I really don’t remember what I got him.  I remember what he got me.

He handed me a package and explained that the first anniversary is supposed to be paper.  I opened up two brand new sudoku books.

We were planning on going places, you see.  We’ve since flown thousands of miles and visited all seven continents.

On every plane ride, one of these sudoku books is in my carry on.  Every time.

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