Yet Another New Photo Printer

Epson Stylus Photo R2000I’ve been waiting a while to tell you about this.

In my defense, I wanted to test this new machine before writing about it.  In reality, I was too scarred from dealing with another photo printer mishap and didn’t feel like writing about it.

Brace yourself for some printer drama.

Earlier this year, I told you about my new photo printer, an HP 5510, and the issues I had with it.  I was able to get a warranty replacement, but I did not recommend the product.

So I had the replacement machine.  I leave the house and the printer goes unused for a couple of weeks.  What happens when I return?  The same freaking problem that it had last time.  LINES all over the photos and everything turned orange.

I was pretty pissed.

I got a warranty replacement again.  It did not set my mind to rest.  How long would I have to wait before it broke again?  If it keeps breaking, how good are these photos?  I became convinced that if the machine was that flimsy, I’d probably find a couple of years down the road that the photos were crap.

That was it.  HP was dead to me and I decided to invest in a higher quality machine.  Mr. P agreed so he wouldn’t have to hear me complain since it would put my mind at ease.

Lots and LOTS of research later and after a chat with the lovely Ali Edwards, I bought an Epson Stylus R2000.  Yes, I spent a bit more money than on the last printer, but I was tired of second guessing the longevity of my pictures.  I do all my photo printing at home, so the machine matters.

I’ve been mostly pleased with it so far – still working out a couple of kinks, but the photo quality and speed are really good!

One thing though – it is a huge machine.  I didn’t need a wide format printer (it can print up to 13 inches wide), just one that was good quality.  Unfortunately getting that quality means a bigger machine with more bells and whistles.  I had to have a coworker carry it to my car for me and it almost didn’t fit on my printer stand!

So that’s it – so far.  I’m hoping I can keep this machine without incident for a few years!


8 thoughts on “Yet Another New Photo Printer

  1. Hi Natalie, I’m curious if there were any notable kinks or major cons that arose since you purchased the printer over 2 years ago. Did the investment pan out? Thank You!

    • Hi Henry — generally the printer has been working really well. However, there have been issues if I go for a few weeks without using it. I summarized that in a post here.

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