Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Getting Ready Layout

Wedding Scrapbook Getting Ready PageI easily could have done two pages for this.  Easily.  This was an exercise in selecting just the right pictures to tell the story.

I know what’ you’re thinking.  Nine? You still ended up with nine pictures?  Yes and it was hard!  I like including a lot of pictures on my layouts.


My inspiration came from this layout on Write.Click.Scrapbook. by Lisa Ottosson.

Wedding Scrapbook Getting Ready PageSometimes it’s certain elements of a layout that inspire me.  Other times it’s the whole package like it was here.

I’m repeating the rounded corner element elsewhere in the book, you previously saw it on my “intro pages” for this scrapbook.

My Getting Ready Layout

Of the nine pictures, I used a mixture of of action shots plus closeups that show the details.  It really makes the set mesh well.  I love how my photographer got a picture of my sister’s hands holding my train and the fact she was wearing our wedding rings on her fingers for safekeeping.

Wedding Scrapbook Getting Ready PageI added a text block below the photos.  The photos are on pearl shimmer stock and the rounded rectangles on the top and bottom are patterned paper.

I added a headline out of silver shimmer stock cut with the Silhouette and a line underneath that cut out of the pink shimmer envelopes.

Wedding Scrapbook Getting Ready PageI was feeling brilliant when I finished this because it turned out exactly like I had it in my head.  The rest will be this easy, right?

Wedding Scrapbook Getting Ready PageTo learn more about the papers I’m using for my wedding scrapbook and to see the progress on the entire book so far, please visit my wedding scrapbook page.


2 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Getting Ready Layout

  1. Gorgeous page! Great job paring down the photos to tell just the right story. Though, since this is your wedding album, if you need two pages for the photos, you can do two pagers! 🙂 It’s rare that a page I do comes out exactly how I saw it in my head, so you get extra points for that!

    • I’m giving myself a lot of latitude, but I keep wanting to pare down a bit because I know in my head the number of elements that each need their own page. It’s quite a lot! I’m still hoping I can fit the honeymoon into this album.

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