Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Intro Pages

Wedding Scrapbook Intro PageI finished my title page, but I wasn’t quite ready to dive right into the meat of this album.  Since the album will feature several sections, I needed a bit more of an intro.  If you’ve ever watched Jersey Shore, you can think of these pages as “the shirt before the shirt.”  I think I just outed myself there.

On the left page, I cropped and printed five long and narrow pictures from our wedding.  I backed them each on some pearl shimmer cardstock.

Wedding Scrapbook Intro PageSimple right?  Sort of.  Below is a picture of what really went on as I tried to pick which pictures to use:

Wedding Scrapbook Intro Page - ProgressOn the right page, I took inspiration from a scrapbook magazine that’s been sitting in my office for at least five years.  The focal point is a very casual picture of us when we escaped our wedding reception for a quiet moment alone.  I added another photo on the bottom left (whose significance I’ll explain later), and a piece of patterned paper on the upper left.

Wedding Scrapbook Intro PageI typed out some small intro-ish lines about the album and printed it on white cardstock.  Then I signed it and had the husband add his signature as well.  This may be my favorite part of the page!*  I added a flourish design I cut out with the Silhouette out of silver shimmer cardstock and some borders out of pearl shimmer cardstock.

Wedding Scrapbook Intro PageWith that text I also committed myself to including our engagement, honeymoon and anniversaries in this album.  Time to dive in!

Wedding Scrapbook Intro PageWedding Scrapbook Intro PageRead about specific paper brands I’m using for the wedding scrapbook here.

*Except for the part where I reprinted the text block three times because I didn’t like the way my signature turned out.


8 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Intro Pages

  1. I love how you’re focusing on the photos and this special moment of your life. No crazy paper or embellishments here. Love it! I especially love the block of skinny cropped photos.

    • My general philosophy is to focus on photos and keepsakes, I think I’m taking simplicity to the Nth degree here! I think it will be more timeless though!

  2. Oh fun, I love the block of long and narrow photos. Both pages look awesome. Great close ups and detail shots! I love the flourish…making good use of the Silhouette, I see! 🙂

  3. This is great, Natalie! Oooh, your album is going be gorgeous….it is already. Oh, I am working on an anniversary album for my hubby. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

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