New York Vacation Scrapbook

New York Vacation Srapbook by Natalie ParkerIt’s time for me to dive into scrapbooking another vacation.  The only other vacation I’ve scrapbooked before was our honeymoon.  Was it the best idea trying vacation scrapbooking for the first time on such a big trip?  Who knows, but it’s done!

This was a learning experience.  I’ll share more after I’ve posted the layouts, but it’s really challenging to try and capture everything I want to capture from a trip.

I did something a little different (for me) this time:  I completed all the layouts then went back and cut all the headlines.  I usually complete a layout from start to finish before starting another one.  The wedding scrapbook made me realize that if I was using the same font and same paper, it’s better to conserve and cut them all at the same time.

I hope you’re ready for a bunch of layouts that have the same finishing touches!  I used the same fonts and paper, but designed each layout around the pictures and keepsakes (keeping with my rules).

Time to get in a New York State of Mind . . .


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