Paperclipping Roundtable Guest

Hey everyone!  I was asked to appear as a guest at Paperclipping Roundtable!  It is a show for the scrapbooking community where guests are invited to discuss particular topics.

This week’s topic was Scrapbooking Current Events and I was joined by Shimelle Laine and Stacy Julian along with host Noelle Hyman.

Click here to listen to the episode

I’m very flattered that they asked me onto the show as this topic is near and dear to my heart.

6 thoughts on “Paperclipping Roundtable Guest

  1. I just saw the PRT blog post today, and I was excited to see your name as one of the guests! Can’t wait to listen to it this weekend while I’m going on a long trip in the car!

  2. I started listening to this episode on the way home from work. I love the topic and can’t wait to hear the rest. Will listen tomorrow as I run errands. So fun to hear you on the show! 🙂 I had to LOL at the beginning because I just posted a layout about Indian Summer today and wondered if that term is still used. I never hear it in the south. Leave it to my west coast friends to reassure me. In my heart I’ll always be a west coaster!

    • Indian Summer is totally still a thing! I’m sad though – ours is pretty much over now.

      Glad you like the episode! I was thinking of your Netflix layout but didn’t get a chance to mention it.

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