Scrapbook Layout: San Francisco Skyline

SF Skyline Scrapbook Layout by Natalie ParkerSF Skyline Scrapbook Layout by Natalie ParkerSF Skyline Scrapbook Layout by Natalie ParkerI’m starting to get more practice with single-photo layouts and I really love them.  It gives me a chance to keep the design really simple!

I printed the picture 4×6, added some printed text beneath, then capped it on each end with some dark green cardstock.

I experimented with putting the headline directly on the photo like Cathy Zielske tends to do, but I couldn’t get it to look right to me.

What do you think?  I love it!

SF Skyline Scrapbook Layout by Natalie Parker

Font: Century Gothic


8 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: San Francisco Skyline

  1. I rarely do single photo layouts, but when I do, I usually go for a bigger photo. Often an 8×10 that I trim so it doesn’t totally fill my usually 12×12 page. But I will use a 5×7 when I have a lot of story to tell. Wondering why you chose a 4×6? Even a 5×7 would still have left plenty of “white” space on this page.

    • That is a very good question and something I’m still exploring as I work on more layouts. I feel like I’m still refining my style with “regular” scrapbooking since everything before was all wedding. I’ve been ruminating over the issue of photo size versus the design of the page. Expect a post on it!

      • 🙂 It’s one of the things I REALLY like about doing digital scrapbooking. I don’t waste any photos because as I do my layout digitally, if I don’t like it the “undo” button is my friend. It has to be a REALLLLLLLY special photo for me to do a one page layout – even a 2-pg layout is uncommon in my albums. I will look forward to that post. I’m usually less interested in the “craft” of scrapbooking then in keeping my memories and the stories that go WITH my photos alive. I admire so much the detail and planning you put into your pages. I want them done and the story told before I forget … LOL

      • I actually do most of my layouts digitally before I print anything. I need to share that process. I usually print draft versions of photos to make sure they are sized the way I want before I do anything else. I agree, getting the memories down onto the page is the most important. The craft part is the hobby part, but it’s not as important. Sometimes it’s hard to tell that when I talk about laboring over pages, but that’s just because I’m a perfectionist 🙂

  2. I love this layout, and I think the 6X4 works just fine here. I just started “designing” my layouts in PSE before printing the photos, and it’s working very well. I took two digital scrapbooking courses from Jessica Sprague and made several wonderful pages, but they just feel “flat” to me. I hardly embellish at all, but just the layered paper makes me happy.

    • I think I get the same flat feeling with digital as well. I like experimenting with the layout electronically but I like the hard copy in the end.

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