Scrapbook Layout: Baseball

San Francisco Giants Scrapbook PagesSan Francisco Giants Scrapbook PagesSan Francisco Giants Scrapbook PagesSan Francisco Giants Scrapbook PagesAh, my favorite boys of summer, the San Francisco Giants.

I took all my Giants-related stuff for that year and put it together on two pages.

It’s a mix of tickets, other keepsakes and photos together to make one unit.

The left page has tickets and keepsakes from Until There’s a Cure day at the ballpark.  The Giants were the first professional sports team to host an AIDS benefit game and have been doing so annually since 1994.

Also on the left is a picture of the front of the ballpark.  The park has been through many name changes, so I wanted to capture what the name of the park was at that time.

The right page has tickets and items from when Barry Bonds hit his 700th home run (hint: we were there!).  I added some text on the bottom right of the page to tell the story of that game.

I love sports layouts, it’s so easy to pick a color scheme!

San Francisco Giants Scrapbook Pages

Fonts: Chunk Five (headlines), Calibri (body text) | Tools: Silhouette SD (headlines), Epson Stylus R2000 (photos)

4 thoughts on “Scrapbook Layout: Baseball

  1. This is awesome! Baseball is my favorite sport (Mets!) and I love making baseball layouts. How cool that you were there for Bonds’ homerun!

    • I know! It was so cool that we got to be there. The text on the page details how I had tickets for that game and a coworker had them for the next day. We were both jabbing each other at who would get to see it.

    • Yes, it’s a challenge because they really have to be included whole. I’m still experimenting with tickets and don’t feel like I get it write 100% of the time.

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