Adding Fragile Items to Your Scrapbook

Sometimes there are things that can’t be glued down or you don’t want to glue down. Still, you want to include them in your scrapbook.

Remember my layouts from the Big Game? I saved grass that I pulled from the field and included it on the page.

What’s my great tool here? Sheet protectors. Yes, I mean these things that are normally used for protecting documents in a binder.

Showcasing Non-Glueable Items

I started using sheet protectors to keep things in my scrapbook that I didn’t want to glue down. Here’s a junior high school diploma that slips neatly in and out of its sleeve on the page:

Diploma neatly slides in and out of its pouch. Does my mom know that this is missing from her hope chest?

I’ve also used sheet protectors as space-savers. Does your kid have lots of certificates? You can save space by layering them on a page and still have the flexibility to use on or more of them in another project later.

Saving space by layering certificates. Plus one or more of them can be moved and used for something else later.

What about things that can’t be glued? I used a sheet protector as a pouch to keep these pressed flowers from a bouquet I received.

If I had to do it over again, I would slice the white part off the sheet protector, but I was really a beginner when I did this!

Pouch for pressed flowers. I scrapbooked this over 10 years ago.

Make Your Own Sheet Protector Pouches

For my latest scrapbook layout, I had grass pulled from the Stanford Stadium field.

Stadium grass that I’d been holding onto for 8 years.

Here is the sheet protector. It’s important to buy the 100% clear variety or else your item will have a frosty look to it.

Measure and cut the sheet protector to size. Use the bottom right corner as the base and cut around it. This will yield two finished sides.

Take a very thin piece of clear tape and seal one of the open sides.

Deposit your fragile items.

Make sure the item in the pouch is laying as flat as possible.

Tape the top closed.

Here is some detail: I take a long piece of clear tape and attach it to the very edge of one side.

Trim the piece of tape down so there is around 2-3 millimeters to fold down on the other side. Then fold it and seal it. Make sure to press the air out first!

At this point, I attached it to the page using double-stick tape. Since the tape is clear, it doesn’t show much.

Tips & Ideas

  • Use sheet protectors to showcase items that you don’t want to tape down or things that can’t be taped down.
  • Sheet protectors are also great for layering multiple items on one page such as school awards.
  • Only use 100% clear sheet protectors (as opposed to the ones that are frosty).
  • Measure and cut the section of the sheet protector from the bottom right corner.
  • Use regular clear tape and cut a thin slice of it to tape the other two sides closed.

10 thoughts on “Adding Fragile Items to Your Scrapbook

  1. Great idea for using the sheet protectors. I have been trying to figure out what to do with the hair trimmings from my kids first hair cuts. I am still debating if keeping the trimmings is sentimental or gross. I think if I can get them out of the ziplock baggie in the drawer and into a scrapbook and showcase it nicely like your example it will take it from creepy to cute.

  2. Thanks for sharing … I love adding things like that (I LOVE that you have stadium grass) but I’m not always sure how to keep it intact. I’ve never thought to cut up sheet protectors.

    Visiting from Tatertots and Jello.

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