Scrapbook Layout: Holiday Page Using Wrapping Paper

I had several holiday events for this last year in college, but I wanted to put them on one page.

How could I unify them and not shop for special Christmas scrapbook paper?

Here’s the plan:

  1. Use cardstock in my stash to create offset photo collage.
  2. Cut pictures to create collage and leave empty spaces.
  3. Fill empty spaces with wrapping paper.
  4. Add a headline down the side of the page.

Fitting the Pictures

I started with the offset photo block. I used 1 1/2 pieces of grey cardstock as the backdrop and arranged my pictures and the theater ticket.

Deciding where everything should go on the photo block.

After this, I trimmed the pictures and glued them to the grey cardstock, leaving little spaces to add wrapping paper.

Enter Wrapping Paper

I don’t like buying a lot of new supplies. I also have a wrapping paper problem.

The problem? I love buying wrapping paper.

Wrapping paper collection after it was winnowed down after Christmas 2010.

I picked three favorites and cut pieces to fit the spaces left on the photo block.

They all happened to feature snowflakes. This was a coincidence.

Pieces of wrapping paper trimmed to fit around photos.

Be careful when handling wrapping paper. Unless it’s super expensive, it’ll crumple easily and you’ll have to start over again!

I glued down the wrapping paper into the empty spaces.

Wrapping paper added to spaces around pictures.

Time to Add Some Glitter

This is a holiday page, so I wanted a big sparkly headline. I left a bunch of space on the page next to the photos.

I printed the headline in various sizes and experimented with what fit in the space.

Deciding what size to use.

I wanted a nice flowy script font, so I downloaded a font called Celine Dion Handwriting from

I transferred the headline from the printout directly to the scrapbook page using my carbon paper/cheat method. Please visit my original post on this for complete instructions. The opportunities are limitless once you learn this technique!

Very faint pencil lines of design after I transferred it.

I decided to go with red and gold.

Red and gold glitter glue.

With a very steady hand, I filled in the lines with the glitter glue. I used a thumbtack to spread around the glue inside the letters in order to get good coverage.

Carefully fill in the letters.

After letting it dry, I realized the red glitter glue wasn’t exactly scrapbook-grade. The gold dried just fine, the red sort of seeped through to the other side. Note to self . . .


Still, I love how this turned out. So simple but festive and sparkly!

Tips & Ideas

  • Use supplies you have around the house to dress up layouts.
  • Consider using wrapping paper in a pinch!
  • Download the font, Celine Dion Handwriting for free at

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    • Thanks Lyssa! I would love to join your link party! The majority of what I do is scrapbooking so I would love the chance to connect with other bloggers who scrapbook.

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