Earthquake Proof Christmas Decorations

I posted about Christmas decorations last week. I included a little note about earthquake-proofing. It was so popular that I think it needs its own front-and-center post.

Anyone who lives in earthquake country will appreciate this! I also heard from a commenter who was looking into buying this to toddler-proof some of her decor.

Museum Wax allows me to display Christmas decorations that I wouldn’t normally display for fear of them falling and breaking in an earthquake. I have our commemorative Anchor Christmas Ale pint glasses on display for the first time since we started buying them back in 2003!

Using Museum Wax

Museum Wax is available at many hardware stores and online here. The wax is reusable and just a small container will probably last a lifetime. The size pictured above will probably last two lifetimes.

The container comes with a nifty scraper. Use it to scrape out a small bit of wax.

First, scrape out a small bit of wax.

Then, roll the wax into a ball. A tiny bit will do fine for most objects.


Roll wax into ball.

Finally, stick the wax ball(s) to the bottom of your decorations. For the pint glasses pictured below, I used two wax balls on the bottom of each one. I only needed one piece of wax for the Homer Simpson nutcracker.


Everything on this shelf, even the picture frames on the left, are fixed to the shelf and won't slip off.

I hope this allows some of my fellow earthquake brethren to put out some things that you normally keep in boxes! Merry Christmas!

Tips & Ideas

  • Visit your local hardware store or this site to purchase Museum Wax.
  • A little dab will do ya! It takes just a small amount of wax to secure an object.
  • Think about all of the things you can display now that they are a bit safer!

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