Merry Christmas

Our delightfully tacky Christmas tree

All the gifts are wrapped. The cookies are baked. The stockings are hung. Our bags are packed (mostly).

As we prepare to set off for a family Christmas, I’ll take a moment to show you our Christmas tree. I like to think of it as delightfully tacky. Okay maybe not, it’s just because I had heard that slogan recently.

Some cute ornaments.

Some of our ornaments are cute, classic and grown up.

Others, meanwhile, aren’t.

The Grinch, Homer & Marge, R2-D2, Obi Wan . . .

Sometimes it’s better if there isn’t a theme. I love Christmas trees with family ornaments. When there isn’t a theme, it’s just the memories.

I hope all of you, wherever you are or wherever you may be traveling, have a wonderful holiday filled with laughter and new memories.

Merry Christmas!


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