Pajama Pant Stocking

Today’s post is not about my DIY projects. Today’s post is about my mom. My mom is a master DIY-er. No offense to the craft blogging community, but she blows everyone out of the water (including my own feeble projects).

Hand Made Stockings

My mom has always made the family stockings as long as I can remember. Growing up, store-bought stockings always looked weird to me. I think she’s had the pattern for over 20 years now.

These things are huge. As Calvin would say, they hold a lot of loot!

Whenever someone joined the family, a new stocking was minted in my mom’s sewing room.

The stocking tops are always white with coordinating rick-rack or ribbon.

Enter the Pajama Pants

When my husband became a member of the family, a stocking was in order. Instead of going to the fabric store to pick something out, he pulled a pair of Homer Simpson Christmas pajama pants out of the closet. They had shrunk and were unwearable.

“I want her to make a stocking out of these.”

I shuddered. I didn’t want to give her extra work but he knew what he was doing. He’d seen her do much more difficult things with old clothes before, such as make me a t-shirt quilt.

Close up of the design.


The important note is that she uses lightweight iron-on interfacing on the back of the fabric when she makes a stocking. It stiffens the fabric and helps it hang nicely as a stocking. She used the same interfacing here with the pants and it turned out beautifully.

A peek inside. Iron-on interfacing stiffens the pajama pant fabric.

My mom likes a challenge but said this was easy.

What did the husband say?

“I told you so.”

The finished project. It was cut perfectly and there are no extra seams.

Tips & Ideas

  • You can use this idea with any stocking pattern of your choosing.
  • Add lightweight iron-on interfacing to the fabric to stiffen it and make it easier to work with.

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12 thoughts on “Pajama Pant Stocking

    • Ack! For some reason your comment got stuck in my spam filter 😦 I don’t take clever credit for this one. This one is totally my mom and husband! I’ll stop by and link up!

    • Thank you and thanks for stopping by!

      P.S. – just cleaned off my scrapbook table this evening and we are ready to go as soon as we get home after Christmas.

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