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Omnigrid rulers for scrapbookingThis is the second in a series of posts about my unconventional scrapbooking tools that were given to me by my mom, a quilter.

Last time I showed you my Olfa rotary cutter, my favorite cutting tool.  The best partner in crime to the rotary cutter is my set of Omnigrid rulers.  What makes these better than a conventional ruler?  You guess it, they have a grid.

Having Omnigrid rulers allows me to quickly measure something once – I don’t have to measure the length and width separately.  Since it’s transparent, I can easily throw this ruler over an empty space on a layout, measure the exact size of the space, and instantly know what size photo I need to print for it.

Omnigrid rulers come in many shapes and sizes.  They measure very accurately down to 1/8-inch and have additional hashmarks around the edges to measure to 1/16-inch.  My mom has a ton of these in different sizes, but I just use two:  a 3×18-inch long one, perfect for measuring items on the 14-inch scrapbook pages I use, and a 4×8-inch, a smaller and easier to handle ruler for basic cuts.

I’ve been using these exact rulers for at least 7 years and they’ve never broken or warped and handle all the random things I use them for.  You can find them on sale at many craft and fabric stores as well as online!

I have no affiliation with Omnigrid and was not paid by them to endorse this product.

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