Wedding Scrapbook: Engagement Paper Scheme

Engagement Paper SchemeYes, I actually already have a paper scheme for this scrapbook.  But that’s for the actual wedding part of the book.  Since I’m trying to put the engagement, wedding and honeymoon in one book, I’m using a different paper scheme for each section.

I didn’t think the White Elegance patterns would work for the bachelor/bahelorette trip to Vegas nor for our honeymoon in Hawaii.  Doesn’t seem like it’d jive, right?

I trolled Pinterest for a few days, looking for color palettes to inspire me.  Then I saw this:

Wedding Bouquet

Perfect!  I wanted something that didn’t clash with the rest of the book, something that was soft but colorful at the same time.  I don’t have brands to share with you as most of this was sitting in my stash already.

I picked out a light and dark pink, a peachy orange, a greyish blue and a grey.  I’m planning on using different combinations of these colors in the engagement section.  Incorporating the orange is going to be a challenge!

Picture of bouquet is included with permission from Kate Osborne Photography.


4 thoughts on “Wedding Scrapbook: Engagement Paper Scheme

  1. Hi Natalie! You have such a great blog here! Lots of goodies on your links page – I’ll be nosing through them next. 🙂 I love the colors you chose for your scrapbook – what a great idea to use a different color scheme for each section. I’m looking forward to watching how your scrapbook unfolds! 🙂

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