Holiday Colors

Christmas ColorsI know you’re out there already making plans for the December holiday season!  How about some color inspiration for you?

I went through my collection of holiday photos and picked out some fun ones that had good color combinations.  I also realized at this point that I need to take more and better pictures around the holidays!  I don’t need to capture every moment, but I need to make sure I get a few key ones, you know I should have learned that lesson for this year!

Under the Tree

Maybe someday I will share with you my obsessive gift-wrapping tendencies.  Maybe not, because I’m a weirdo.  For now, here’s a picture  of the gifts below our tree from a couple of years ago – nice and colorful!

Christmas ColorsMmmmm . . . Cookies.

Cookie decorating at my office from a couple Christmases ago. I really like how the blues in the palette really incorporate well with the reds and greens.

Christmas ColorsUnion Square Christmas Tree

This is a close-up of the ornaments on the Union Square Christmas Tree in San Francisco that I took with my sister.  I like how the colors came out slightly muted, but still powerful.

Christmas Colors


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