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Fall decorationsI love Halloween decorations.  You know what I love even more?  Autumn decorations that will last through Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I won’t have to touch these until the Christmas decorations go up and it’s a good thing because I don’t have time anyway.

We are busy bees at our house lately and I knew we weren’t going to have any fall decorations unless I found something quick and easy.  Solution:  buy a bunch of gourds.  First, to replicate the idea I saw in this pin, I only needed mini pumpkins. I already had the branches and I still have a giant vase from our wedding.

Fall decorationsFor a second super-easy piece of decor, I picked up a Cinderella pumpkin at the store.  Isn’t it cool?  I plopped it down in our entryway and here’s hoping it holds up through November!  Since I’m not carving it, I think I have a pretty good chance!

Fall decorations

Finally, I put some smaller gourds on the ledge shelf above our TV.  As a reminder for those of you who live in earthquake country (or those of you who have toddlers), I used Museum Wax to secure the gourds to the shelf so they don’t fall on the TV like I did with the Christmas decor last year.

Fall decorationsThat’s it!  I’m done until December!

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