Big Time Jewelry Rack

Jewelry rack

I have some big serious necklaces.  I’m convinced there isn’t a jewelry box big enough to hold them.  Well, not one that would fit in my room.

All of my big necklaces just sat tangled on the top of my dresser.  It was a disaster.

Messy dresser.

Then I went to Egypt and this happened:

Jewelry Shopping in Egypt


I needed a big, serious jewelry rack.  Not one with some tiny hooks.  Time to get to work.

Building a Coat Hook Jewelry Rack

Let’s get right to it – I won’t belabor you with my thought process, because I thought about this for months.  I went to Egypt in March, remember?

I picked up this pine board from Michael’s and painted it.  It measures 23 inches wide by 6 inches tall.  I thought about using some leftover wood from The Book Project, but I liked the curved edges of this.

Remember:  Sand, prime, then paint.  I used spray primer and spray paint because I wanted to get an even coat on the edges.  I used white spray primer and Rust-oleum satin Heirloom White leftover from painting the nightstand.

Spray paint.

The husband came up with the brilliant idea to use coat hooks.  Coat hooks are sturdy and can hold more than one necklace.  I took this a step further and bought double-hook ones to hang even more necklaces!

Jewlery rack.

The hooks were measured and easily screwed in.  I added a wire to the back and clear bumpers so it wouldn’t scratch the wall.

Hanging wire on jewelry rack.

No more tangled mess on my dresser.  I can actually see my big necklaces!

Finished Jewelry rack.

Between building the rack and writing this post, I bought another large necklace.  It was on sale.  I can’t help myself.

Finished jewelry rack.

9 thoughts on “Big Time Jewelry Rack

    • They are much MUCH easier to access when they are hanging like this as opposed to storing them in a box somewhere. I like being able to look at them too!

    • Nails work too. I used thumbtacks in my old place, but that was when I had 4-5 pieces that were too big for my jewelry box. As you can see, they have multiplied.

  1. This is such a great idea! I have my own share of chunky bead necklaces and they are a mess in a drawer. I love having this on display too. I bet it makes you happy every time you look at it! 🙂

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