All of my college scrapbooks have a hand-inked title page.  Since this is the final year, I decided to go all out.  I always make more work for myself than necessary. It didn’t take nearly as long as I expected, but that was perhaps because I was sitting through an excruciating football game and needed something to occupy my mind.  But how did I do this?  I can’t draw, remember? Read on.

I decided on the university seal.  The other three books also feature a university symbol, albeit much simpler ones. Any design, even text, will work with this method.  Play with the sizing, print it out and make sure you like how it is positioned on the page.

Mark lightly in pencil around the edges of the printout so you can reposition it on the page where you want it later. Then, flip the design over and shade the back with a pencil.  A non-mechanical pencil is best.  It’s important to get complete coverage over the back of the entire design, especially in detailed areas.  Also very important – slip a piece of paper underneath the design while you shade because the pressure may make printer ink transfer onto your scrapbook page.

Flip the design back over and secure it to the scrapbook page. Using a pen with a nice pointed edge, trace over the design, applying a bit of pressure as you go.

The pressure will transfer the shaded pencil marks from the other side to the scrapbook page.  Lift up the design periodically to check your work.


My arm almost fell off by this point. The design below is very light and is meant to be a guide.  Now all you have to do is color!

I used blue and gold metallic pens to color the design.  Keep the original printout handy to refer back to check your pencil markings.

I repeated the process by adding the “Year 4” text at the bottom.  I did this separately so I could position it against the completed design above.  The font is Californian FB, available on some Microsoft machines.

Finally, the finished product!  We are officially underway with College Year 4.

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