Scrapbook Layout: Course Catalog Collage

I like to have an “intro” page for my college books after the title page.  In previous years, I used a mishmash of summer headlines from The Daily Californian along with something interesting from their annual fall orientation issue.  Looking through my box o’ stuff from my fourth year, I didn’t save enough Daily Cal’s to make this page interesting.  My priority is to use items I already have, so I started looking around.

Then it hit me:  I saved several pages from the Berkeley General Catalog but never had an idea of what to do with them.  I was thrilled to finally be able to use them.  That, combined with an extra copy of the senior class gift brochure, and I was set.

I saved pages from the catalog because it featured old photos of campus life.

I cut out the pictures and started playing with them.

The senior class gift brochure had a checklist “Things to Do Before You Graduate.”  I thought it was a fun thing to have at the beginning of the book.  I backed the list with dark blue and then white cardstock, so it would stand out on the page.  I didn’t embellish any of the pictures because I wanted them to blend together as one unit.

I “fixed” the checklist by checking off a few more things that I had already done by that point and glued everything down.

I’m pleased I was able to take things I already had and make something awesome.  You’d be surprised at what you can do with what’s lying around!


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