Photos from Antarctica

Iceberg Alley near Port Charcot, Antarctica by Natalie Parker

I’m wading through all the photos from our trip, deep in my post-vacation organization process.  Mr. P handled the camera for a lot of the time and used the continuous shutter release feature (not wanting to miss any penguin moments), so when he pushed down the button it took 2-3 shots.  I’m carefully choosing the best of each.

First up:  create a slideshow on a DVD for visiting relatives.  Next:  put together a photobook.  Eventually, eventually, I’ll figure out a way how to scrapbook this all.  We had 2 days at sea, 5 days of landings with 2 locations a day, then 2 days back.  Let’s not even start on our time in South America, I’m barely through those photos.

And of course, one of my priorities is picking out some favorites to share with you!  Enjoy!

Antarctica by Natalie Parker 2Antarctica by Natalie Parker 3Antarctica by Natalie Parker 4Antarctica by Natalie Parker 5Antarctica by Natalie Parker 6Antarctica by Natalie Parker 7Antarctica by Natalie Parker 8Antarctica by Natalie Parker 9Antarctica by Natalie Parker 10Antarctica by Natalie Parker 11Antarctica by Natalie Parker 12Antarctica by Natalie Parker 13

9 thoughts on “Photos from Antarctica

    • There are actually gift shops in Antarctica at the research stations. We weren’t able to visit them due to uncooperative weather. I was really bummed!

  1. Wow! Just WOW!! Amazing photos! You obviously have practiced enough with that camera you were so worried about 🙂 But my favorite is of the penguin on the rocks. It’s almost like he turned around just so you could take his picture 😉 But they’re all just fabulous. That sure will be a fabulous scrapbook!

    • Thanks! I think Mr. P is the one that got the penguin on the rocks. There were so many of them everywhere that we got a lot of practice taking their picture.

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