Petermann Island, Antarctica by Natalie Parker

Seven.  It’s an auspicious number.  Right now it’s an overwhelming sense of . . . overwhelming.

Walking around in the snow this December, I wondered aloud, “how am I going to scrapbook all of this?”  Mr. P and our friend chuckled and we started talking about how I might go about it.  While climbing to a 50m viewpoint.  In Antarctica.

I still haven’t quite made sense of the trip nor how I’ll ever document it.  I did have fun, though, dreaming up what seven photos I would pick for a layout about seven continents (which wasn’t my idea, Mr. P told me such a layout was necessary).

Berkeley, California by Natalie ParkerNotre Dame de Paris by Natalie ParkerGiza Pyramids, Egypt by Natalie ParkerTerracotta Warriors, Xi'an, China by Natalie ParkerSydney Opera House, Australia by Natalie ParkerUshuaia, Argentina by Natalie ParkerPetermann Island, Antarctica by Natalie Parker

Nary a vacation goes by that I don’t wonder about shots I could have gotten.  This shot is overexposed because the camera settings were off, but I love it anyway.

Brown Station, Antarctica by Natalie Parker

10 thoughts on “Seven

  1. Wow, wow, wow! So awesome that you’ve been able to visit all seven continents! I hope you’ll post more about your Antarctica trip!

    (and also awesome, though maybe not on such a global scale: Mr. P being involved in your scrapbooking and making suggestions for layouts! ;-))

  2. I am SO going to do this! It looks amazing – although I think my hubby will want it on the wall rather than in an album. Plus we’re still 2 continents missing (he’s been to 1 but I haven’t) – so we’ll just have to book that antarctic cruise!

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