Okay, I Cheated: Scanning Keepsakes

Using keepsakes in my scrapbook pages is a key part of my style.  They are more important to me than paper styles or color choices.  I wish more scrapbookers would use them!

I think my grandkids will be more amused to see  old newspaper clippings and flyers rather than ribbon I picked out to compliment them. Who am I kidding here?  I have no idea if any future offspring will want to look at these.  Moving on.

What do you do when a keepsake is too big to put in your scrapbook?  Yes, too big even for me and I use 11×14-inch scrapbook pages.

My answer?  I cheat.

If something isn’t going to work on a page, I scan it and print it on my photo printer.

When to Scan a Keepsake:

  • Item is too big for the page
  • Keepsake just won’t work with layout
  • Item is displayed elsewhere but it would help tell the story in your layout
  • Keepsake isn’t two-dimensional

Take a second look at the picture of the homecoming poster.  The original poster is 16.5 inches wide!  I scanned and resized it to 6.5 inches and it really compliments the layout without overwhelming it.

This layout is from the set of football layouts I showed last year.  Since I was using the same basic layout for all 6 football pages, it wouldn’t have made sense to disrupt the pattern by trying to fit some of the original poster on the page.

The example below is of a three-dimensional item:  a refrigerator magnet.  I couldn’t glue the magnet to the page and it was already living on our refrigerator.

But don’t these printed items just look like another picture on the page?  Not really.  Since I use a satin sheen photo paper instead of glossy, the printed keepsakes don’t look like photos at all.

Have you tried this before?  If you haven’t what ideas does this give you?  I hope this enables you to use more keepsakes in your layouts!

4 thoughts on “Okay, I Cheated: Scanning Keepsakes

    • Thanks! It really was a necessity issue because I like including the real item as much as possible but some things were just too big. I’m glad to hear someone else likes using these items as well!

  1. I would add that it is also a good idea to scan newspaper articles. I know many of us mix archival and nonarchival items together, but newspaper (especially if it is really important to us) yellows and fades fairly quickly. Of course, newer newspaper items can probably found online and just printed out on better quality paper.

    • That’s a really good point! I try to scan newspaper articles that are of particular significance. True, I could print them offline if I ever needed to, but the printed newspaper looks so much cooler. I flip through some of my old books every so often and they’ve held up reasonably well.

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