Scrapbook Layout: the Football Pages

Yes, I have been busy scrapbooking. Very busy, in fact. If you follow Cal football, you know the current season just came to a disappointing close. Let’s reminisce about a happier one, shall we?

Distilling an Entire Season

It was a real challenge to take on the mountain of stuff I had saved from my senior football season. Football was a big part of my college experience. It took a lot of thinking to figure out how to handle all the pieces and the 2-inch thick stack of pictures without the pages overwhelming the rest of the album.

Making it Cohesive

I unified each page of the season by creating a photo bar that repeated across the bottom of each page. Not only did it make the pages consistent, it was a great way to use up a lot of photos without making them the center of attention. I used the top half of the page to showcase important bits and pieces I saved.

The first two pages are general season pages that aren’t tied to any particular event. It is important to include the schedule and win-loss record to help me remember when I look back.

The remaining four pages are “themed.” They cover particular events, such as when I traveled with the football team, or important games, such as a triple overtime win over USC. The photo bar at bottom reflects pictures from that event.

Of course, pictures are not strictly relegated to the bottom of the page. I like to set a lot of rules then break them. Sometimes I took some of my favorite pictures and added them to the top.

More to Come

There is much more detail about these pages that I will share with you. Enjoy the finished pages for now and I’ll show some close-ups and instructions next week.

Tips & Ideas

  • If you are overwhelmed with the material for a particular event, think of a unifying theme or layout.
  • It’s not against the rules to have an “event” that takes more than two pages!
  • Create small collages within the page to showcase more photos without being overwhelming.

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