Cherry Blossom Box

This is my first adventure decoupaging. Let’s call it an experiment. I’ve come up with many grandiose ideas about what I could decoupage in my home, but I decided to start small. I frequently overestimate my crafting prowess, so this was a good choice.

The star here is Mod Podge. Mod Podge is one product that does three different things (it slices, it dices!): it glues items together, it can create a seal, and it can be used as a finish if you want to give something a polished look. Mod Podge is available at most craft stores.

I could go on for days about how Mod Podge works and ideas how to use it. Instead, visit Amy’s blog: Mod Podge Rocks. You’ll find more ideas than you can ever possibly use and some good directions.

Back to the task at hand, I wanted to start small. My sister sent me a card recently with cherry blossoms on it. Bingo! My sister loves cherry blossoms.  She loves them. I decided to take the card she sent me and make her a little trinket box.

This little black box was conveniently sitting in the closet, so we had a winner. You didn’t think that I only stored scrapbooking supplies, did you?

I cut out one of the cherry blossom limbs and made sure it would fit on top of the box.

I used the Mod Podge first as a glue, applying a thin coat to the cherry blossoms and sticking it to the box. After letting it dry for 20 minutes, I added a sealing coat on top. I let the first coat dry and then added a second coat after 20 minutes Mod Podge will seal the design to the box. I read a few places that Mod Podge top coats can show brush strokes, so I opted for a sponge brush.

I’ve read that the top coat of Mod Podge can be slightly tacky to the touch. I used the satin formula and didn’t have any problems with tackiness. There are several different types of Mod Podge you can choose from depending on the finished look you want, the type of item you are attaching, and the durability you desire. Again, I defer to Amy’s blog and her formula guide

The design on the box, although it was sealed with Mod Podge, was still slightly raised. This was because I cut something out from a card as opposed to using a paper-thin design. I’ll have to remember that for next time.

Tips & Ideas

  • Mod Podge is available at most craft stores, including Michael’s.
  • Michael’s usually runs weekly coupons. Google “michael’s coupon” if you don’t have a newspaper.
  • Use a sponge brush to avoid brush marks.
  • Let coats dry before applying additional coats.
  • Check out Amy’s blog for more information on Mod Podge than you ever thought possible.
  • If you have boxes with brand logos on them that you would like to repurpose, decoupage a design on them!

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