Just the Scraps, Ma’am

There you have it:  my senior year in college.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I had a lot of stuff in my closet taking up space.  I kept a shoebox of scraps for each year I was in school and this is the home stretch (let’s not mention the post-college boxes in the closet at this point).

This is what I meant when I said my scrapbooks are more about the mementos than the embellishments or supplies.  With all of this, I don’t have room for the frills.  I haven’t even shown you the box of pictures yet!

The silver lining about putting off scrapbooking for so many years is that opening the box is like looking at a time capsule.   I get to reminisce and thumb through the old stuff:  tickets, cards, game schedules, programs, and even a few exam books and class handouts.   Everything is a surprise!

After the nostalgia wears off, I go through all the scraps again.  I try my best to categorize things and stack them with the first semester items on top.  This way when I start working on the scrapbook, I start at the top of the pile and work my way down.  Everything gets tucked neatly back into the box.  Then the real work begins.


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