China Vacation Photobook

My China photobook is done!

I now have 5 out of 6 vacation memory keeping steps complete!  Technically I think it’s 5.5 steps because I have half of step 6 (careful storage of mementos) complete.

I create a photobook for each vacation before I work on the scrapbook.  I discussed all the reasons why when I got back from Egypt last year, see the post on that here.

Same drill as last time, this is a 5×7″ photobook from MyPublisher.  Their software has gotten even better since last year and they make everything so easy.

I always start the book with a statement picture – this time it was the red lanterns on Gui Jie (Ghost Street).

I put text on each page where I started a new city but left the rest text-free.

Then I made lots and lots of pages.  This book is about 60 pages.  MyPublisher’s standard pages are very thick and high quality.

On the last page, I used a grid of pictures from everywhere on the trip, plus the cool “End” sign.

On the back cover, I put a picture of us.  I decided to make it a “thing” to put us on the back since I did the same with our Egypt Photobook.

Again, I’m really pleased with the quality and MyPublisher isn’t paying me to do an advertisement here.  When the book arrived at my office, my coworkers were very impressed with the quality and how good the pictures look when they’re printed and bound.


More Pictures from China

Photos of China by Natalie ParkerSummer is coming to a close.  My next vacation being far off, let’s have some fun and look at pictures of my most recent trip to China!

The picture above is from the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.  It’s right above a moving walkway between the Maglev station and the main terminal.  Mr. P was halfway down the moving walkway before he realize he’d lost me.  The sign was too perfect, I had to stop!

Next, a fruit salesman outside of my friend’s apartment.  China has lots of interesting dichotomies, in this case food on a bike cart outside quite modern high rise buildings.

Photos of China by Natalie ParkerAn unrestored section of the Great Wall.  Most pictures of the Wall you see are actually restored sections.

Photos of China by Natalie ParkerA trip to the Beijing Zoo to see pandas!

Photos of China by Natalie ParkerThe summer palace in Beijing.

Photos of China by Natalie ParkerFamous Shanghai soup dumplings (xiao long bao).  These were sooooo very good.

Photos of China by Natalie ParkerQuail eggs on a stick for sale in Xi’an’s Muslim Quarter.

Photos of China by Natalie ParkerThe Terra Cotta Warriors outside of Xi’an.

Photos of China by Natalie ParkerAmazing sandstone pillars at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.  This is the land that inspired the movie Avatar.

Photos of China by Natalie ParkerWild monkeys on the valley floor of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

Photos of China by Natalie ParkerStanding above the clouds over three thousand feet up at Tianmen Mountain National Park.

Photos of China by Natalie ParkerOn Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, looking down at the city.

Photos of China by Natalie ParkerThe Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island in Hong Kong – the largest sitting Buddha in the world.

Photos of China by Natalie ParkerFried rice inside a pineapple Shek O Chinese & Thai Seafood Restaurant on the southern end of Hong Kong Island.

Photos of China by Natalie ParkerMr. P and I on the last day of our trip standing above Shek O beach.

Photos of China by Natalie ParkerCue wistful sigh.

I never understand the enormity of anything I do until way after the fact.  Looking at these pictures, I keep thinking “my gosh, we went everywhere!

Minibook: Everything We Ate in China

China Food Travel MinibookI’ve never made a mini-book before.  Funny, right?

I wanted to do some sort of fun project about all the food we ate on our trip to China.  I started by taking a picture of everything we ate, beginning on the plane ride.  Mr. P and our friends were gracious in not touching anything on the table until I got a shot of it – they even reminded me to take photos!

Shopping in Beijing, I found this awesome little book.

China Food Travel MinibookI printed the food pictures as 2-inch squares when I got home, and then left a 1/8-inch white border when I cut them out.

China Food Travel MinibookI was a little concerned that the thickness of all the photos was going to mess with the binding of the book, but the finished product is actually pretty cool!

China Food Travel MinibookI sat in front of the TV with these supplies and went to work.

China Food Travel MinibookI used a date stamp to stamp each page with the date the meal corresponded to.

China Food Travel MinibookThen I taped in each picture and wrote a few words.

I also wrote divider pages for each city we were in.

China Food Travel MinibookNot bad for a first attempt?  I like how minibooks have an effortless look, so I hope I succeeded.

I’ve included a bunch of pages below so you can look at them.  I used over 80 photos, so this is just a sample!

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China . . . in Red

China in RedBeijing | Shanghai | Xi’an | Zhangjiajie | Changsha | Hong Kong

19 days, 15,400 miles, 8 airports, 2 bus stations, 4 public subway systems, too many boat & taxi rides to count, never once asking for a fork, 1 suitcase that lost a wheel and over 2000 photos taken.

A trip of a lifetime to be sure.  I’m furiously going through photos and still adjusting to the time change.  This trip, I experimented with color and captured as many red things as possible.  I thought of trying many colors, but it was too overwhelming!

Left to right, top to bottom:

The Bird’s Nest, Beijing | Chinese Flag, Shanghai | Cherry Blossom Art, Dirt Market, Beijing | Hutong Tour, Beijing | Fish in Shanghai | Tourists on the Great Wall | Airport, Changsha | Gondolas through the Fog on Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie | Bikes on City Wall, Xi’an | Terracotta Warriors, Xi’an | Central MTR Station, Hong Kong | Wishes in Trees, Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie | Pudong Skyline, Shanghai | Sign at Tian Tian Buddha, Hong Kong | Lanterns on City Wall, Xi’an | Fruit Salesman, Beijing | Shopping Bag, Shanghai | Dipping Our Toes in the South China Sea, Hong Kong.