I Miss Newspapers

Newspapers by Natalie Parker

I know I prefer to read my news online.  I know that more and more people prefer to do the same.

Still, there’s something magical about seeing an important occasion memorialized in print.  It feels more permanent.*

Reading stories online, you never get to see the cool full-page ads that businesses paid for to congratulate your team on winning its third World Series in five years.  I’m going to have to leave room for this ad in my scrapbook:

Newspapers by Natalie Parker

Newspapers are cool.  Print is cool.

When big events happen, I always buy a newspaper for my scrapbook.

*If you’re thinking about newsprint degrading, know that this newspaper I’m holding will likely last longer than photos on most people’s hard drives.


Giants Win the World Series

Giants Win World SeriesWhere was I yesterday morning? That’s right, I was out buying a newspaper because the San Francisco Giants won the World Series! Last week I told you about saving newspapers for posterity and how I always go out the next morning after a big event in history and get a newspaper. This plan almost ended in disaster yesterday.

After the Giants won the World Series on Monday night, we headed into San Francisco and down to the ballpark to join the celebration.

Giants Win World SeriesThen we came home and had some orange champagne to celebrate and watched post game coverage into the wee hours.

Giants Win World SeriesNeedless to say yesterday morning, I was fairly groggy and had forgotten all about getting a newspaper. It was only after watching the morning news and seeing players autograph copies of the paper that it hit me: I forgot to buy a newspaper! I was able to score one of the last copies of the San Francisco Chronicle after visiting two different stores.

I thinned out the newspaper to include only the pages about the World Series win and tucked it neatly away in my closet.

Saving Confetti

Today, I was lucky enough to attend the victory parade. I think one of my favorite parts was the police horses in their little Giants hats. But what does this have to do with my scrapbook (other than the 100 or so pictures I took)?

Giants Win World SeriesBarrels of confetti were thrown onto the parade and I immediately knew I would be taking some home. The husband, knowing me as well as he does, didn’t even hesitate: “you’re taking some confetti home for your scrapbook, aren’t you?” After the parade was over, he helped me gather up a few pieces (I suspect because he knew we weren’t leaving until I got some). It may seem overkill, but I only scooped up a tiny bit which now lives in a ziploc bag inside my scrapbook box with the newspaper. Really, how often do you attend big confetti-throwing events?

Giants Win World SeriesTips & Ideas

  • You never know what might make an interesting addition to your scrapbook (like confetti).
  • Check back to my earlier post on saving newspapers for information on how to neatly keep them without letting them take over your storage space.
  • Next time you are out celebrating, leave yourself a note to get a newspaper the next morning.