Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Proposal Page

Wedding Scrapbook Proposal LayoutI’ll be honest with you – I’m still not 100% sure I like how this page turned out.  Normally I would just shrug and move on.  It’s such an important page though!

I ran into some trouble because I really wanted to put at least four pictures on the page along with some non-negotiable keepsakes:  our Disneyland tickets for that day and some form of the park map showing where we got engaged.  I suppose when I set “must-includes” it’s a recipe for a problem!

You know how I print draft photos before doing the real thing?  Check out this disaster:

Wedding Scrapbook Proposal LayoutI couldn’t decide how to get everything to work on the page together.  This took several days.

In the end, I decided to print and cut pictures to be the same size as the park tickets.

Wedding Scrapbook Proposal LayoutI compromised with the park map and only included a portion of it.  I cut out a ring with the Silhouette to mark where he asked me to marry him.Wedding Scrapbook Proposal LayoutAlong the right is a long, long story!  I’ve decided to type all of these because I don’t think I can get my handwriting that consistent.

Wedding Scrapbook Proposal LayoutI still think it’s missing something!  I’ve never redone a page before, so I’ll likely leave it as-is.

Wedding Scrapbook Proposal Layout