Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Ceremony Site Layout

Wedding Scrapbook Ceremony Site LayoutYes, an entire layout dedicated to our ceremony site!

Selecting a meaningful ceremony site was important to us.  Since we met at college and are both die hard fans (if you need evidence, please refer to my last college scrapbook), the beautiful Berkeley campus was just the spot.

I used a large statement picture for the top of the page (much like I did before in this layout).

Wedding Scrapbook Ceremony Site LayoutUnderneath the picture, I included a campus newspaper article from Valentine’s Day the year we were married.  It was a story about getting married on campus and they featured our upcoming wedding.  I added a second smaller picture of the actual spot where we would exchange vows and a block of text about what the site meant to us.

I backed all of these pieces in alternating colors from my Engagement Color Scheme.

Wedding Scrapbook Ceremony Site LayoutI did the headline in grey cardstock and added a pink flourish, both cut with the Silhouette.

Wedding Scrapbook Ceremony Site LayoutI love the simple elegant look of this – hopefully I’m finally starting to hit my stride on this project!

Wedding Scrapbook Ceremony Site Layout

Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Engagement Announcements

Engagement Announcement Scrapbook PageMuch like my proposal page, this was a challenge of trying to fit must-have items onto a page.  I spent a lot of time cursing the fact that one of the announcements was so big!

On the bright side, I was very happy to have multiple copies of each announcement (courtesy of our grandparents who bought all the newspapers).  This let me choose the ones in the best condition and if I didn’t like the way I cut it out, I could try again!

Engagement Announcement Scrapbook PageI used grey as the base color and then accented it with other colors from the palette I’m using for this section.

Engagement Announcement Scrapbook PageAlong the bottom, I added a caption that listed the names of the newspapers where we ran the announcement.  Finally, I added a blue headline cut with the Silhouette.

Engagement Announcement Scrapbook PageAt this point, I really hope this gets easier!

Engagement Announcement Scrapbook Page

Scrapbook Layout: Wedding Scrapbook Proposal Page

Wedding Scrapbook Proposal LayoutI’ll be honest with you – I’m still not 100% sure I like how this page turned out.  Normally I would just shrug and move on.  It’s such an important page though!

I ran into some trouble because I really wanted to put at least four pictures on the page along with some non-negotiable keepsakes:  our Disneyland tickets for that day and some form of the park map showing where we got engaged.  I suppose when I set “must-includes” it’s a recipe for a problem!

You know how I print draft photos before doing the real thing?  Check out this disaster:

Wedding Scrapbook Proposal LayoutI couldn’t decide how to get everything to work on the page together.  This took several days.

In the end, I decided to print and cut pictures to be the same size as the park tickets.

Wedding Scrapbook Proposal LayoutI compromised with the park map and only included a portion of it.  I cut out a ring with the Silhouette to mark where he asked me to marry him.Wedding Scrapbook Proposal LayoutAlong the right is a long, long story!  I’ve decided to type all of these because I don’t think I can get my handwriting that consistent.

Wedding Scrapbook Proposal LayoutI still think it’s missing something!  I’ve never redone a page before, so I’ll likely leave it as-is.

Wedding Scrapbook Proposal Layout