My Sister’s Wedding Card Album

Wedding Card Album by Natalie ParkerWedding Card Album by Natalie ParkerWedding Card Album by Natalie ParkerWedding Card Album by Natalie ParkerMy little sister got married last year and by the end of the year, she had put together this album of her wedding cards.  I thought it would be nice to share this since it’s a simple alternative to the painstaking ordeal that I put myself through making a wedding scrapbook (I enjoyed it, don’t worry).

She took a 12×12 album and glued all her cards inside.  Since she was using page protectors, she cut each card in half so both the front and the inside of each card was displayed.

After all the wedding cards, she added all the cards she got at her bridal shower.  She used a few wedding themed embellishments here and there, but the album remains very simple.  I love it!

If you’re looking for a quick awesome way to display cards from your wedding or any occasion, I think this is a great idea!

Wedding Card Album by Natalie Parker


Two New Wedding Cards

Wedding Cards from Wedding PicturesIt’s wedding season.  I’m working on my wedding scrapbook.  Are you tired of hearing about weddings already?

I never get tired of weddings no matter whose they are.  Truth.  I DVR-ed all of the Will & Kate anniversary specials and am watching them one by one while I scrapbook.

We attended two weddings in May!  I made wedding cards for both of them using my own wedding pictures.  For a complete tutorial, visit my wedding card post.

Wedding card using wedding picturesThe first was for a friend of mine.  I usually make the card match their wedding colors, but I didn’t have the right paper.  Instead, I made it her favorite color!

Wedding card using wedding picturesSecond was my little sister’s wedding.  Her wedding colors were black, red and white.  I did have those – some sparkly black and shiny red to boot!

Wedding card using wedding picturesI made envelopes this time using my Paper Source envelope templates and envelope liner templates.

Wedding card using wedding picturesTwo lovely weddings, two beautiful beautiful brides.

Two weddings.

Wedding Card for Grace

My friend Grace got married recently.  I love any excuse to make a wedding card!

I first posted about making wedding cards last year.  For a full tutorial, visit my original post.

The first (and most fun) step is picking one of my wedding pictures to use.

One of my favorite pictures.

Next, figure out the color scheme.  Grace’s wedding invitation was a pretty mix of brown, plum and pink.

Checking out the color scheme of the invitation.

I decided to go with pink and brown and printed the picture in black and white.

Again, make sure to visit the full tutorial on making wedding picture cards.  Enjoy!

Photo credit: Photo from my wedding by Katherine Bettis.

A Wedding Card for My Friends

You must be asking yourself, is there anything else I can do with my wedding pictures? People like looking at my wedding pictures, right? We’re on the same page then.

I came up with this idea when a dear friend of mine got married last year. I wanted something more special than a store-bought card. I’m a sap. The card turned out great but I didn’t take any pictures of it. I recently attended another wedding and decided to make it a thing every time a friend got married because I like to make more work for myself.

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