For the Love of Old Stamps

Old Stamps by Natalie Parker

I have a new obsession: old, unused stamps.

It all started when I ordered a Vintage Pen Pal Kit from Saturday Morning Vintage.  The kit comes with old, unused postage!  All of a sudden, a light went off and I dreamed of sending mail Weasley style.

My mom is a lover of estate sales and treasure hunts.  She also loves a challenge, especially if one of her kids is asking.  In less than a month, envelopes started arriving filled with old stamps.  I love them!

Then she called me.  I hadn’t used them yet.  Apparently the big haul she got came from an old house that had a rat problem and I probably shouldn’t lick them.  Noted mom, noted.  I’m calling them the rat stamps now.

Regardless of provenance, I’m excited to start using them.  I ordered a bunch of penny stamps from USPS and we’re all set!  Long live snail mail.