Paper Treats from China

Paper Goods from ChinaA friend of mine asked me what I wanted to shop for in China.  Paper, I said.  Paper, really?  Yup, paper.

People think I’m a weirdo when I want to shop for paper products on vacation.  I’m not looking for scrapbook stores but random interesting paper that I can make into something.  Remember when I tried to by blank papyrus in Egypt last year?

I came away with lots of goodies!  The picture above is several big sheets of paper with pretty designs.  It’s actually supposed to be used as wrapping paper.  However, this stuff is heavy duty, very unlike flimsy American wrapping paper.  It’s probably not acid free, so no scrapbooking with it.  I’ll definitely make something cool though!

Next, I picked up pretty postcards and notecards.  There were a bunch of cute paper/card shops on a neat street called Nanluoguxiang in Beijing and I had to stop in each one.

Paper Goods from ChinaOf course, I ended up with a stack of pretty tickets from the sites we visited.  Some of the tickets even double as postcards!  Clever!

Paper Goods from ChinaFinally, I snapped up this blank little book.  It’s small, just a few inches square.  I have a really cool project in mind for this little book.  Stay tuned!

Paper Goods from ChinaDo you shop on vacation?  What types of things do you shop for?