Scrapbook Layout: Axe Rally

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the end of our journey through Big Game Week 2003.

Yes, I know I have gentlemen reading this blog.

Since the Bears won the 106th Big Game, it means I have one more layout to do:  the Axe Rally.  The Axe Rally takes place the Monday following the Big Game if the Bears win and bring home the Stanford Axe.

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Scrapbook Layout: Big Game

We are in the home stretch! Here are my pages for the 106th Big Game, the culmination of my earlier Big Game Week Pages. If you haven’t seen them, check out the earlier pages in this series here, here and here.

I had a TON of stuff saved from this game.

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Scrapbook Layout: Welcome Week

I love how this page turned out because it has a little bit of everything:  a flyer, a handout, 4×6 prints, digital pictures and an overly-intricate headline.  Blending different forms of media is fun and I prefer it to only pictures or only scraps.  It makes the scrapbook look like a scrapbook instead of a photo album.

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