Life’s Too Short for Ugly Stamps

Pretty StampsI love getting mail.

I thought this would wear off once I reached adulthood, but nope!  Even with junk mail, there’s a split second delight of getting mail before I get unnaturally pissed off that another company has sold my contact information.  I digress.

I love sending mail and I love sending pretty mail even more.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to get stamps from the grocery store, Costco or even the ATM!  I’m not saying the standard issue Liberty Bell stamps are ugly, they’re just kinda boring.  Going to the post office and looking at new stamps is a lost art.  I decided to check out stamps on

I found lots of fun stuff!

I got Year of the Dragon stamps simply because they look so awesome.  I found these Cherry Blossoms and thought they were pretty.  Finally, I had to get the Pixar Send a Hello and Mail a Smile stamps because, let’s face it, the Pixar characters are awesome.

What’s even more awesome?  They’re all forever stamps, meaning they’re good for as long as I want to use them.