The Day I Bought All the Neon in Dublin

Dublin Paper Goods by Natalie Parker

All. the. neon.

Or at least it felt that way.

During our trip to Dublin, I spent a morning shopping the Creative Quarter.  Apparently I’m really into neon at the moment because I bought a lot of it.

So very neon: these cute tiny “Merci” cards with little craft envelopes.  These are too small to mail in the US, but that didn’t stop me.

Dublin Paper Goods by Natalie Parker

They’re made by Belgian printer le typographe.  I can’t wait for my next trip to Brussels to check them out in person.  Mr. P’s already been warned.

I swooned (almost) over these letterpress cards from Nineteen Seventy-Three.

Dublin Paper Goods by Natalie Parker

Seriously.  I scooped up every one available at Article.  They are high quality and the colors are very vivid in person.

Since one can never have too many notecards or washi tape, I bought this pad of notecards, also by le typographe.  They are heavy duty stock with a neon pink paperclip printed in the corner.

Dublin Paper Goods by Natalie Parker

The neon orange washi is by Mark’s Inc.

Okay, so not everything was neon.  I couldn’t resist this laser cut card with an Irish postbox.  Love.

Dublin Paper Goods by Natalie Parker

And finally, a birthday card with an Irish greeting, which I’ve already earmarked for a friend of ours.

Dublin Paper Goods by Natalie Parker

Pro trip: if you see cards you like in Dublin, buy them.  Several items I saw a couple weeks later when I was paper shopping in London and they were much more expensive (even before accounting for the awful exchange rate with the sterling).  Dublin had really reasonable prices!

Mr. P stood by as I said “excuse me, I’m going to buy all the cards.”

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For the Love of Old Stamps

Old Stamps by Natalie Parker

I have a new obsession: old, unused stamps.

It all started when I ordered a Vintage Pen Pal Kit from Saturday Morning Vintage.  The kit comes with old, unused postage!  All of a sudden, a light went off and I dreamed of sending mail Weasley style.

My mom is a lover of estate sales and treasure hunts.  She also loves a challenge, especially if one of her kids is asking.  In less than a month, envelopes started arriving filled with old stamps.  I love them!

Then she called me.  I hadn’t used them yet.  Apparently the big haul she got came from an old house that had a rat problem and I probably shouldn’t lick them.  Noted mom, noted.  I’m calling them the rat stamps now.

Regardless of provenance, I’m excited to start using them.  I ordered a bunch of penny stamps from USPS and we’re all set!  Long live snail mail.