Scrapbook Layout: Giants Games

San Francisco Giants Baseball Scrapbook Layout by Natalie ParkerSan Francisco Giants Baseball Scrapbook Layout by Natalie ParkerSan Francisco Giants Baseball Scrapbook Layout by Natalie ParkerSan Francisco Giants Baseball Scrapbook Layout by Natalie ParkerSan Francisco Giants Baseball Scrapbook Layout by Natalie Parker

It’s baseball season y’all!  I’m still sitting over here in kind-of-actually-sunny London but my social media feeds are abuzz in baseball.  I’m also finding myself trying to explain the appeal of baseball to my British coworkers.

Side note – I’m amused when the page I have to blog about actually comes up at the right time of the year to show it.  I’m not a seasonal scrapbooker, as you know.

The Story: Cataloging the Giants games Mr. P and I went to in 2007.  This includes the always-important magnet schedule (learn about how I use magnets in scrapbooks here).

Number 750 / Lift-Up Tickets: Just by chance, we ended up at the game where Barry Bonds hit his 750th home run.  We took our tickets to the Giants Dugout Store to get a special pin a few days later and they stamped the back of the tickets.  I wanted to show the stamp and didn’t want to glue down either side of the tickets.  I hinged them just by gluing a strip at the top so they lift up.

Lots of Tickets: I love using tickets in my scrapbooks.  Want some tips about how to include them in your layouts?  I did a roundup of all sorts of examples here.

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San Francisco Giants Baseball Scrapbook Layout by Natalie ParkerSan Francisco Giants Baseball Scrapbook Layout by Natalie Parker

Fonts: Klinic Slab | Tools: Silhouette SD (headline), Epson Stylus R2000 (photos) | Supplies: Pioneer SJ-100 Jumbo Scrapbook (scrapbook & pages), Epson Semigloss Photo Paper (photos) | Ephemera Included: baseball tickets, baseball magnet schedule.

Scrapbook Layout: School Days

The challenge with this page was a tall order: how can I make class interesting? I had a handful of exams and handouts in my shoe box. Since I suppose college is as much about taking classes as it is about having fun, I would be remiss if I didn’t include it.

But what to do? I thought a collage would be a cop-out. I perused scrapbook layouts online and happened upon this layout by Beth Proudfoot on Write. Click. Scrapbook. (original post here). It was the square headline that caught my eye. What if I expanded on the idea and created a series of squares in addition to square headlines? One really time consuming page out of simple items, coming right up!

I cut plain squares in various sizes to see how they would fit on the page. I finally settled on 2 1/4-inch squares.

Then, I set out to cut squares out of my school papers, making sure to get snippets of words to make me look really smart.

I backed each square in alternating colors of orange, navy blue and charcoal grey.

It took a fair amount of fiddling on Microsoft Word to get the font size and spacing correct for the headlines.

I cut out the headlines and backed them in one of my chosen colors.

Then oh-so-carefully, I used my grid rulers to mark the spacing between the boxes and glued everything down.

Well, almost everything. I assume you noticed the picture and the baseball ticket. What do those have to do with going to class? I wondered the same thing myself. My original intention with this page was to do 3/4 of the page about class, then take the last quarter of the page and show the picture and ticket from a Giants’ playoff game. The picture and the ticket weren’t enough to do an entire page out of. I was pretty stumped on how to make them mesh. Then I remembered: I skipped class to go to that playoff game. Presto!

I included the picture as one of the squares, then measured the width of two squares to make room for the ticket. I only have occasional moments of brilliance and I’m very pleased with myself here.

Tips & Ideas

  • Inspiration for the headlines came from this layout on Write. Click. Scrapbook.
  • To make similar square headlines, use a text box tool in a word processing program. Then play with font size and spacing for each line.
  • Use an interesting layout idea to take otherwise boring items and make them look awesome.

Giants Win the World Series

Giants Win World SeriesWhere was I yesterday morning? That’s right, I was out buying a newspaper because the San Francisco Giants won the World Series! Last week I told you about saving newspapers for posterity and how I always go out the next morning after a big event in history and get a newspaper. This plan almost ended in disaster yesterday.

After the Giants won the World Series on Monday night, we headed into San Francisco and down to the ballpark to join the celebration.

Giants Win World SeriesThen we came home and had some orange champagne to celebrate and watched post game coverage into the wee hours.

Giants Win World SeriesNeedless to say yesterday morning, I was fairly groggy and had forgotten all about getting a newspaper. It was only after watching the morning news and seeing players autograph copies of the paper that it hit me: I forgot to buy a newspaper! I was able to score one of the last copies of the San Francisco Chronicle after visiting two different stores.

I thinned out the newspaper to include only the pages about the World Series win and tucked it neatly away in my closet.

Saving Confetti

Today, I was lucky enough to attend the victory parade. I think one of my favorite parts was the police horses in their little Giants hats. But what does this have to do with my scrapbook (other than the 100 or so pictures I took)?

Giants Win World SeriesBarrels of confetti were thrown onto the parade and I immediately knew I would be taking some home. The husband, knowing me as well as he does, didn’t even hesitate: “you’re taking some confetti home for your scrapbook, aren’t you?” After the parade was over, he helped me gather up a few pieces (I suspect because he knew we weren’t leaving until I got some). It may seem overkill, but I only scooped up a tiny bit which now lives in a ziploc bag inside my scrapbook box with the newspaper. Really, how often do you attend big confetti-throwing events?

Giants Win World SeriesTips & Ideas

  • You never know what might make an interesting addition to your scrapbook (like confetti).
  • Check back to my earlier post on saving newspapers for information on how to neatly keep them without letting them take over your storage space.
  • Next time you are out celebrating, leave yourself a note to get a newspaper the next morning.

Saving Newspapers for Posterity, or, the Giants Win the Pennant

Today’s post was supposed to be the companion piece to last week’s post about Memorial Stadium. It will have to wait until later in the week because every time I tried to work on it, I got sucked into the games of the NLCS and my San Francisco Giants. It is excruciating yet rewarding to be a fan, which paid off on Saturday night when the Giants clinched their first National League Pennant since 2002 and are going to the World Series.

I did what I always do in these situations (well, after celebrating): I get a newspaper. I pick up newspapers when something big or something historic happens. Trust me, in my house, a trip to the World Series is a big deal. I figured it would be appropriate to discuss what I do with all of these newspapers. I’m sure you are picturing me drowning in piles like an episode of Hoarders.

On Saving Newspapers

I used to keep entire newspapers. I didn’t really need the entire thing, I would just pick up a paper and put it in a box or on the shelf in my closet. It is really important to keep your mementos or scraps maintained and not let them take over your storage space. I like to “thin” the newspapers and only keep the important parts.

The Giants happened to win the pennant on a Saturday, so the ensuing newspaper was a hefty Sunday edition with lots of sections. I removed the extra sections and will keep them as drop cloths for upcoming craft projects. This left me with the first section and the sports section. While this is a vast improvement, saving entire sections can really build up over time.

I carefully go through each page of the section. If the front and back of a page doesn’t contain anything about the story I’m interested in, I cut it out. This way all I am left with are the pages I actually want.

I know what you are thinking: why aren’t you just clipping out the articles you want and leaving the rest? Because I very likely won’t get  this into my scrapbok until a few years from now. If I neatly cut out the article and pictures, it limits my design options. Sometimes, as in the picture below, I like to use the entire newspaper page in a scrapbook.

Remember my box of scraps from my senior year of college? To tell the truth, it was originally two boxes because I had saved so many newspapers that year. I went through each newspaper, saved the pages I wanted, and was able to finally fit everything into one box.

On to the World Series

I don’t know how this particular newspaper will fit into my scrapbook later on, I don’t have my own pictures from the games to pair with it (tickets are a tad pricey). We don’t know how the Giants will do in the World Series, but we will be watching, biting our nails and pacing the floor like any good fan ought to. Regardless of the outcome, they won the pennant and I will remember this forever.