Scrapbook Layout: Basketball Season

Basketball Scrapbook Layout by Natalie ParkerBasketball Scrapbook Layout by Natalie ParkerBasketball Scrapbook Layout by Natalie ParkerBasketball Scrapbook Layout by Natalie Parker

The Story: Starting a scrapbook with sports?  Normally all of my crazy baseball and football pages come in near the middle and end.  For this year, I’d kept the ticket stubs from some games we went to and even took pictures.  Make page?  Why not?

Banner Headline: I drew this by hand in Silhouette Studio.  There is one thick blue banner with the text glued on top of it.  Then there’s a narrow blue outline (which almost didn’t come off the mat successfully).

Squares with Borders: I love square photos with white borders almost too much.

Basketball Scrapbook Layout by Natalie Parker

Fonts: ClementePDai (headlines), Nevis (photo caption), Cambria (photo caption) | Silhouette SD (headline & banner) | Ephemera: basketball tickets.


Scrapbook Layout: The Statement Picture

My second all-digital-photo layout was also another sports theme.  Time to put my skills with the photo printer to the test.

The challenges here were very similar to my bowl game layout: break out of my standard sport layout mold and try something new.  I was popping by another scrapbooker’s blog and found something to get the creative juices flowing!


My inspiration came from this layout I found at Ginger’s Life of Spice.  It’s a large statement picture with a small photo collage below it.  I knew if I could find the right action shot, it would be an awesome statement picture!

Photo credit: Gingers Life of Spice

The Big Picture

I found exactly what I was looking for – a picture of the game starting right before tipoff.  Perfect!  I printed the large picture and then created two smaller photo blocks to fit underneath it.  Each photo block featured 2 pictures.

Big statement picture and 2 photo blocks.

I like to feature keepsakes in my layouts, so I cut out one of my favorite newspaper pictures from that season.  It fit right between the two small photo blocks.

Picking a newspaper picture to go on page.

Tying Two Pages Together

This was meant to be a two-page layout.  I was on the cover of the Cal Sports Quarterly with the head basketball coach that season and I was going to put that cover on the second page.

But how to tie the two pages together?

I decided to flip through the pages of the Cal Sports Quarterly and found this border at the bottom of the page.  It’s actually a reproduction of the wall above the student section in the basketball arena.  Funny thing is I’m actually on the wall.  Yup, there’s this “scenery” picture on the wall of my friends and I going crazy during a game.

The border at the bottom of the page is actually a reproduction of the wall above the student section.

I cut out the strips from the magazine and added them to the bottom of the page.  They weren’t quite long enough, so I printed a tiny close-up of my picture on the wall along with the story and added them to the bottom of the page as well.

Adding a close-up of my picture on the wall and the story.

Finishing Touches

I finished off the page keeping up my masochistic streak of cutting out headlines out of cardstock by hand with my x-acto knife.  I need to stop doing that.  It takes forever.

My hand usually hurts when Im done cutting out the letters.

Here’s the finale!  The statement picture is just fantastic to look at and everything else compliments it.  I layered two pocket basketball schedules on top of the magazine cover to complete the second page.

Tips & Ideas

  • Pick one statement picture and print a very large copy.
  • Compliment the picture with a couple smaller pictures or photo blocks.
  • Consider a unifying border to tie two very different pages together.

Scrapbook Layout: the Football Pages

Yes, I have been busy scrapbooking. Very busy, in fact. If you follow Cal football, you know the current season just came to a disappointing close. Let’s reminisce about a happier one, shall we?

Distilling an Entire Season

It was a real challenge to take on the mountain of stuff I had saved from my senior football season. Football was a big part of my college experience. It took a lot of thinking to figure out how to handle all the pieces and the 2-inch thick stack of pictures without the pages overwhelming the rest of the album.

Making it Cohesive

I unified each page of the season by creating a photo bar that repeated across the bottom of each page. Not only did it make the pages consistent, it was a great way to use up a lot of photos without making them the center of attention. I used the top half of the page to showcase important bits and pieces I saved.

The first two pages are general season pages that aren’t tied to any particular event. It is important to include the schedule and win-loss record to help me remember when I look back.

The remaining four pages are “themed.” They cover particular events, such as when I traveled with the football team, or important games, such as a triple overtime win over USC. The photo bar at bottom reflects pictures from that event.

Of course, pictures are not strictly relegated to the bottom of the page. I like to set a lot of rules then break them. Sometimes I took some of my favorite pictures and added them to the top.

More to Come

There is much more detail about these pages that I will share with you. Enjoy the finished pages for now and I’ll show some close-ups and instructions next week.

Tips & Ideas

  • If you are overwhelmed with the material for a particular event, think of a unifying theme or layout.
  • It’s not against the rules to have an “event” that takes more than two pages!
  • Create small collages within the page to showcase more photos without being overwhelming.