Fonts, Fonts, Everywhere

Font OrganizationHow do you organize your font collection?

I have so many fonts, it takes a while to go through and find the perfect one.  Is that just a me problem?  A font-snob-and-perfectionist problem?

Do you stick to a small collection of tried and true fonts?  I have some definite go-tos, but every so often I’m looking for something different.

I’m considering grouping my fonts into categories and then printing something I can flip through.

Before you say it, yes, I’ve culled through them and deleted some.

Any thoughts?  I would love to hear them!


Trendy Font: Wisdom Script

Wisdom ScriptIf you read any scrapbooking or crafty blogs, you’ve probably seen this font recently.  It’s everywhere.  Am I the only one that’s noticed this?  I’ve even seen it used in posters at work!

I feel like a super nerd when I see a font used and can name it!

The font is Wisdom Script and you can download it here.  I’m a big fan of thick script fonts in my scrapbook, so I’ve added it to my toolbox already.  In case you were wondering, it cuts very nicely on the Silhouette!


Cool Free Fonts

Free Fonts from Almost Never CleverI’m always checking out and downloading new fonts!  Here are some neato ones that you can click and download yourself!

I love it when I see cool fonts on Pinterest, but I more often than not get irked because they’re not readily downloadable.  Most of my fonts come free from

  1. Walkway
  2. Machine Script
  3. Dawning of a New Day
  4. Androgyne
  5. Yesterday Again
  6. Silver Dollar
  7. Elephant
  8. Miama

I used Miama for my graduation title page and graduation photo page in my college scrapbook.  I’m using Machine Script for a project related to my China trip!

Please note that most fonts are free for personal use.  If you want to use these fonts for commercial use (for example, to use on products in your Etsy shop), make sure and read the page carefully to make sure that is allowed.

Have fun with these fonts!