A Funeral for My Scissors

Let’s take a moment today to remember a dearly departed tool from my craft table: my favorite scissors. My only scissors. I’m not kidding. These are the only scissors I use.

I didn’t even buy these. My mom bought them for herself and used them for a couple of years before giving them to me. That was over 14 years ago. I’ve been using them ever since. The same pair. Now you can see why I’m sad.

What’s so great about them? They are spring-loaded. They are comfortable to hold in your hand and the spring lets the scissors do the work for you. Scissor-induced hand cramps are non-existent for me! Fiskars makes these with longer blades which are great for cutting fabric. I prefer the smaller set. Most of my work is paper-related and I have to make intricate cuts.

I’ve been in denial for quite some time. The spring came undone once. I fixed it. The spring broke in one place but was still usable and I hardly noticed. I finally admitted defeat when the spring broke in a second place.

Busted spring. Not bad for 14 years.

Let’s pause and observe a moment of silence.


What’s a girl to do? You think I would branch out and try something new. Nope, I took an always-available 40% off coupon to Michael’s and got myself a new pair. Aren’t they lovely?

Brand new pair!

They have made some improvements in the 14 or so years since my original set came out. But they are generally the same thing.

And would you look at that: they are endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation.

I love them!


These scissors can be found here at Fiskars, Amazon, or at your favorite craft/fabric store.